Town and Country Graduates Seven Parents from First Circle of Security Parent Group!

Our Town and Country place-based community in Tampa, led by Maggie Sanchez of Champions for Children, recently completed their first 8-week Circle of Security parent group! Circle of Security International is a model that helps build the attachment between caregivers and young children. They had seven parents to successfully complete the group! In order to celebrate these parents and their children, they had a graduation potluck where families received dinner, desert, a book, and a developmentally appropriate toy.
This is a HUGE win for Town and Country since they have been a part of ECCS for less than a year and they have managed to build an amazing rapport with the parents in their community. Because of their extraordinary parent engagement efforts, they have also increased the participation in their developmental play groups from 3 families to 15 families over the past 2 months!!! Woohoo!!!
For more info on the Circle of Security, go to

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