Racial Equity is Focus of State ECCS Advisory Group Training

The state Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems(ECCS) Advisory Group will participate in a two-day workshop on Healthy and Equitable Communities in March to strengthen its efforts to address structural inequities that impact families of color. The training will be conducted by the Institute for Public Health Innovation (IPHI), a Washington DC-based organization that trains and supports providers and policy-makers in equity and related work. The goal of the workshop is to provide advisory group members and representatives from participating place-based communities with a straightforward framework for understanding the root causes of health inequities and assist them in identifying effective strategies to promote equity. Training will be customized using two online surveys completed prior to the workshop.

The FL ECCS Impact initiative has adopted an equity lens in its efforts to build a system of care in communities that involves health care providers, agencies serving families with children ages 0-3, early learning providers, and families. Working in place based neighborhoods, the initiative promotes early child development through improved coordination of developmental screening and access to needed services with a goal of improving the developmental skills of 3-year-old children by 25 percent from current levels by 2021. FL ECCS Impact employs a collective impact approach and utilizes CQI methods to drive change at the community-level. Florida is one of 12 ECCS Impact grantees.

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