Florida ECCS Seeks Early Childhood Consultants!

Florida ECCS  is seeking assistance from 1-3 consultants with professional expertise in one or more of the areas highlighted above. Consultants interested in addressing more than one area must demonstrate specific expertise in each topic, as well as availability to dedicate the time required to complete expected tasks (see below). While the exact number of hours needed to complete the work is uncertain, we anticipate each topic will require an average of 8-10 hours per month through December 31, 2019, with the potential for additional hours through April 30, 2020. In addition to independent work, consultants will be expected to attend virtual and in-person ECCS Advisory Group meetings, as well as workgroup calls.

  1. Early Childhood Data This consultant will research and advise on options for how Florida can establish an integrated and sustainable early childhood data collection system. Consultant will co-facilitate the ECCS data workgroup with evaluator, and develop a fiscally sound plan for maintaining a data collection system for early childhood development indicators beyond the terms of the grant.’
  2. Early Childhood Policies This consultant will research and advise on how Florida can create policy changes that will promote racial equity and social emotional health of both young children and their parents/caregivers. Consultant will co-facilitate the policy workgroup; participate in the ECCS Policy Community of Practice led by Zero to Three (ZTT); take the lead on determining the policy priorities; create specific, feasible policy recommendations, and develop a plan on advocating for policy changes in conjunction with First 1000 Days.
  3. Social Emotional Health This consultant will take the lead on the Promoting Social-Emotional Development workgroup, including but not limited to researching and making recommendations to the ECCS Advisory Group on promoting social-emotional health using a two-generation approach and a racial equity lens. Consultant will also explore and develop a plan to include the logistics and potential funding mechanisms for developing a sustainable infant/early childhood mental health consultation (IEMHC) model in which consultants would work with multiple early childhood providers (early learning, home visiting, Part C) within a geographic area. 

Interested applicants must apply by March 8, 2019.  See Invitation to Negotiate for more details!

ECCS Invitation to Negotiate Final

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