ECCS State Advisory Group and local teams meet in Altamonte Springs!

The ECCS state staff hosted a quarterly ECCS meeting in beautiful Altamonte Springs on May 31- June 1st. The first day was the larger advisory group meeting which focused on taking a closer look into the Liberty City and New Town neighborhoods and the assets and barriers of each. The local ECCS coordinators, their agency leadership, and parent representatives passionately presented to state-level partners the amazing work that is being done on behalf of young children and their families through the ECCS Impact project. The group was also able to participate in a very thought-provoking conversation about racial equity and developmental health promotion in poor communities of color. The second day was a joint meeting between the place-based communities and the state improvement team to have a more in-depth discussion on the direction they would like to take the project as well as how to reach the overall aim of the project while accomplishing the goals of the state. The meeting was successful in bridging the gap between the state and local levels as well as identifying the major drivers of change in each community. Both teams will continue to meet to develop action steps and measures for the innovation work that the team is looking to embark on.

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