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ECCS Explores Parent Experience Using Services and Adopts Expanded Focus on Racial Equity

The Florida ECCS Impact Project is closing out its first year of implementation and a lot of great work has been done at the state and local levels. In the first year, both the Miami Children’s Initiative and New Town Success Zone in Jacksonville have built solid ECCS CoIIN teams, strengthened their teams’ knowledge of continuous quality improvement (CQI) and conducted multiple successful PDSA cycles.

PDSA efforts were focused largely on early identification of developmental needs and family engagement. Both communities conducted focus groups with local parents to get feedback about their experiences navigating the early childhood system. The common theme from the focus groups was that families did not trust providers due to past negative experiences and if they did have a concern about their child’s development, they felt more comfortable discussing this with their pediatrician rather than other service providers. The focus groups provided both communities with valuable information upon which they can build future improvement efforts.

In the coming year, a racial equity framework will be incorporated into Florida’s ECCS work with an increased focus on improving access and resources for historically marginalized populations. The state team will continue to support both communities in their improvement activities as well as work with Help Me Grow Florida on solidifying a data collection process for state level child developmental health data.

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