Town and Country

Champions for Children (CFC), formerly known as the Child Abuse Council, was founded in 1977 as the Hillsborough County community’s answer to the epidemic of child abuse and neglect. CFC prevents child abuse and neglect by providing state-of-the-art family education programs that help Tampa Bay families grow stronger and children thrive. Their comprehensive range of services includes intensive in-home visitation by child development specialists; parenting classes on diverse topics; parent-child developmental play groups; community-based family resource centers; and in-school safety education for children.

These services are offered throughout Hillsborough County and address the diverse and interlocking needs of families across the risk spectrum. From children who are empowered to report and seek help for their own maltreatment to parents who acquire life-saving coping techniques to avoid tragic – yet all too common – behaviors like shaking a crying baby, the impacts of our programs are as varied as they are transformative. They touch the lives of more than 38,000 parents, caregivers, and children every year with our national accredited comprehensive spectrum of child abuse prevention and family education services.

CFC will be focusing their ECCS improvement efforts in the Town and Country neighborhood in Northwestern Hillsborough County. CFC has partnered with the Boys & Girls Club, Hillsborough County Public Schools and Conn Memorial Foundation to work with the families served by two elementary schools- Morgan Woods Elementary and Town and Country Elementary. Principals of these schools expressed concern that when compared to Hillsborough County, an above average percentage of students come to these schools not ready for kindergarten. Several contributing factors to this have been identified including a large number of homes where Spanish is the only language spoken, several low performing child care centers and families who do not access community supports.

CFC is taking a unique approach to the problem of school failure by starting with children age birth to three and their parents who live in the attendance zones served by the two schools. The Growing up Great in Town and Country service was launch this past August with both schools allocating a classroom, so that the young children and parents are excited about coming to school and develop a connection with the staff.

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