Improvement Teams

Each ECCS Impact place-based community is responsible for forming their own improvement team. The local improvement team is made up of local early childhood providers that will facilitate the activities of the project and drive the team’s progress. Local improvement teams will participate in a national learning collaborative so they can learn how to make improvements that will help young children and their families in their respective communities. The learning collaborative approach brings together not just teams that can learn from each other, but experts in the field who will advise communities on improvements they can make. Teams will try different strategies and measure their success to determine what strategies will work in their communities.

Each community team will:

  • Learn about continuous quality improvement (CQI) and how to apply the methods
  • Participate in a national learning collaborative
  • Identify gaps and barriers to attaining the aim of the ECCS Impact Project and identify state and community policies and procedures to address;
  • Submit monthly reports on data and progress of improvements being tested;
  • Participate in peer-to-peer sharing of ideas on conference calls and webinars;
  • Explore new innovative improvement approaches;
  • Participate in learning collaborative meetings (most are virtual; a few members will attend an annual face-to-face meeting and share the information with the rest of the team); and
  • Adopt a racial equity lens

Improvement teams will include:

  • Local ECCS Impact staff
  • Families with children 0-3 years of age
  • Maternal and child health providers
  • Infant mental health providers
  • Early childhood providers including:
    • Early Learning
    • Early Intervention
    • Home Visiting Program
  • Local funder(s)